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Vision is the direction or goal to be achieved by the Company in the long term. A clear vision will make everyone in an organization have the same level of thinking in the formation of business strategies, setting and achieving the targets that have been set. The Company's vision in this regard is “Providing change for happier customers' lives and a better world” . With this vision, it means that everyone in the Company must have honest, sincere and sincere attitudes and behavior in serving all related parties and all stakeholders.


Mission is a process or stage that the Company wants to carry out with the aim of achieving the Company's vision.

Customer Oriented
- Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction
- Contribute to the development and advancement of the lives of customers and Indonesia
Employee Prosperity
- Creating a comfortable environment for employees

Company's Values

Corporate values are a collection of values and culture which the basis and reference of the Company in forming systems, processes, policies and strategies in running a business as well as being a tool for the Company's members to achieve common goals in accordance with the Company's Vision and Mission.