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Management Philosophy

Started from motorcycle dealer in Solo back in 1974, now Sun Motor Group becomes one of the largest group in Indonesia. Mrs. Imelda Sundoro Hosea, the owner, expanded the business not only in automotive sector, but also in hotel and property.

The Company is the Person

We believe that everyone is a talented person with a unique ability, potential and a driving force to move the world.

Always Leading the Change

SKBF is a company that pursues constant change and innovation. Understand the trends of the times and pursue advanced change and creative innovation.

Think Contribution to the Benefits of Everyone

SKBF has a win-win spirit not only for profit but also for customers, employees, shareholders, and partners. We also strive to contribute to be nation and the community as well as to the common development of mankind.

Always Go Right

SKBF maintains a clean corporate climate and emphasizes trust with customers and attitudes based on principles.